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13 04 2015

New Jersey Conservation Foundation has launched an awesome new “Step Into Nature Challenge”, asking people to set a goal for themselves to get outside more in 2015. Hiking, biking, and species identification categories are available, plus a custom category to create your own goal! For more information and to register, visit http://njconservation.org/StepIntoNatureChallenge.htm


I am challenging myself to photograph 200 different species of native plants and animals in New Jersey this year! What’s your challenge going to be?


Snow Goose

17 01 2012

This image of a Snow Goose was captured by Joseph Pescatore at Osborne Pond in Basking Ridge, NJ.  It was taken early in the morning on January 1st, 2012.  Happy New Year, indeed!

(c) 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Ice Ice Baby

2 02 2011

All photos (c) Bill Lynch 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Dreaming of Warmer Weather

26 01 2011

(c) Jimmy Mac 2010

(c) Bill Lynch 2009


(c) Eric Driver 2010

(c) Shelly493 2010

(c) Jim Schill Sr. 2009

(c) Richard Wolfert 2010

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Wordless Wednesday: Winter Wonderland

19 01 2011

(c) William Dalton 2010

(c) Christine Fusco 2011

(c) Elena Tartaglia 2011

(c) Kenneth Norris 2011

(c) Bill Lynch 2010

(c) Bill Lynch 2010

(c) Jay Cassario 2011

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Wordless Wednesday

9 12 2010




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Photos from a Geocaching Adventure

5 11 2010
Melissa Morris

My favorite photo of the day...it reminded me of looking through a stained glass window.

For those of you who may have been curious to know how my geocaching adventure went on 10-10-10, the day that Groundspeak was hoping to break the record for the number of caches in one day, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news first: the cache I attempted could not be found and unfortunately, that means it did not count for the day’s total number of caches.  (Because I went online to www.geocaching.com and logged the cache as unsuccessful, the creator will check it out and either take it down or fix it for future geocachers.  This happens sometimes, but is not too common.)

The good news:  I had a lot of fun looking for the cache and was able to get some great photos along the way.

Melissa Morris

The cache wasn’t too far from my house, so my journey was on foot.  It was an absolutely beautiful, clear day.

Melissa Morris

Of course, any geoacaching adventure is subject to a hike through overgrown or difficult terrain.  Here, I am snagged by some thorny flora.

Melissa Morris

I’m pretty sure that this is where I should have found the geocache.  I’ll check back on the website in a few weeks and see if it’s been updated.  It would be nice to complete the cache now that I know where it should be!

Melissa Morris

Before giving up and heading home, I took a moment to look around.  As usual, the geocache had taken me to a beautiful and scenic destination.  Yup, this is New Jersey.