Go Geocaching on 10-10-10

6 10 2010

On Sunday, 10-10-10, Geocachers all over the world will be setting out to break a new record!

the Geocaching logo from http://www.geocaching.com

Here’s the official plea from the folks at Groundspeak (the company that runs the geocaching.com site): We want to see how many geocachers can go geocaching on a single day! We’ve chosen 10-10-10, since the date represents 10 years of geocaching and 10 years of Groundspeak in 2010. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your worst enemy (if that’s what it takes) and let’s see if we can beat the previous record of 56,654 accounts logging on April 18, 2010. Even one log counts since we are counting how many accounts log a cache rather than the number of caches logged.

I’m actually really curious to see how many New Jersey caches we can log in that day!  So, whether you are an avid geocacher, or this will be your first cache, plan to go geocaching in New Jersey this Sunday, 10-10-10.

You can read all about my very first experience geocaching here, and check out the official geocaching website here for more information.

After your cache on 10-10-10, come back here to NJ Outdoors and leave us a comment about it!

I’ll be posting my 10-10-10 geocache here as well!


(You can keep up with all of Melissa’s latest adventures through facebook and twitter.)




2 responses

10 10 2010
Lorraine Rossiter

Just checking to see what your group is doing on this wonderful day… We at the Sr. Apartments, are having our monthly BD Party.. Playing Wii – Having Good Food – and maybe watching a movie… The Bucket List Hopefully we will take in money 2 plant a tree

10 10 2010
Melissa Morris

Today’s a big geocaching day! It’s been beautiful all day today.

What kind of tree are you looking to plant?


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