The Last Days of Summer

30 08 2010

Things are starting to cool off a bit each night as the summer starts to come to an end while the nights eventually begin to get longer and we gradually lose more light out of each day. And one of my favorite things about this time of year is listening to the crickets and bugs outside all night long because for some reason it’s very soothing and helps me get to sleep. I LOVE that sound. Eventually once it gets cold enough at night that sound will go away for a while until next year. New Jersey is definitely a diverse state in my opinion and with our diversity comes the frequent changing of the weather and I’ve learned to take each season as it comes. Although I love the summer, we have Autumn to look forward to in a couple of weeks and of course in a couple of months we have my favorite holiday…Halloween.

Anyway, I figured I’d post a handful of outdoors photos that I took between the end of July and now. They are simple photos but sometimes that’s all you need:

Cape May National Wildlife Refuge. This is 2 miles of preserved beach and this is the trail that they let you walk through.

This is a trail by Jefferson Lake. There’s a lot of nice trails in the Allamuchy/Waterloo area. I walk fast everywhere I go as if I’m always in a rush but on trails like this I finally slow down. It’s nice to get away from my daily schedule and have nowhere to go for a while. It’s a bit liberating to be able to walk in whichever direction I feel like rather than a specific route that I have to take to get to a specific place by a certain time.

Same area but off the trails.

I climbed a tree and took this pic.

A garter snake I came across.

Thanks for looking. We’ll see where I end up next…




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