Go Take a Hike

9 07 2010

Walking is like breathing.  For most of us it’s something that we do without much thought or effort.  And for most of us (who rely on our cars to get everywhere) it’s probably not something we do enough of.

Walking around my neighborhood at sunset.

If I had to list my all-time favorite things to do, as strange as it might sound to some people, walking would be at the top of the list.  I love going for long walks (partly because they’re pretty good, low-impact workouts) any and every  opportunity I can get.  I try to get at least one long walk in each day and will walk to local stores and to friends’ houses whenever possible.  Even when I reflect on my travels, some of the best memories I have involve walks of some sort – hiking trails, zipping through crowds of people in cities, or strolling leisurely along beaches.

I’m pretty lucky to live in a neighborhood that’s quite conducive to scenic walks.  The landscapers in my development do an amazing job of grooming and pruning the beautiful flowers, plants, and trees on the grounds.  We have lots of winding, shady streets to walk on and a nice path that cuts through an open field and a wooded area.

Only walked a few feet from home, but suddenly I feel like I'm on vacation.

This all being said, I’m really interested in learning about new places to take walks or hikes.  What are some of your New Jersey favorites?





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9 07 2010
Jennifer Smith

I enjoy walking/jogging on the towpath by the Delaware & Raritan Canal. You can also go canoeing on the canal. The towpath is 70 miles long. For the past two years I have been walking on the towpath- beginning each time where I had last left off. Eventually I want to walk the entire towpath. Enjoy!


10 07 2010
Melissa Morris

This sounds great. And thank you for the link!


10 07 2010

I just recently took a kayak out on the D&R Canal and it was a blast! Definitely recommended for a change of pace from hiking/walking.

11 07 2010
Melissa Morris

That sounds like fun!

9 07 2010
Chris Casciano

NJ does have lots of great county and local parks. My own favorite is a favorite as much for being 10 minutes away as anything else. But what comes to mind are a few spots that I always feel like I need to get back to again and explore more:

Mt. Tammany and Sunfish Pond in the Delaware Water Gap – its right out Rt 80 and there are a few hikes of different lengths depending on where you park that will take you up to some nice views and ultimately a glacial pond. The hike south from the Gap into PA can be nice as well. There are many more hikes along the Appalachian Trail you can pick up and go through Sussex County and hug the border between NY/NJ.

Palisades Interstate Park: Again, hike lengths and difficulty are flexible based on the route you pick, but there are trails that start from the George Washington Bridge and Fort Lee and go along the Hudson River both on top of the cliffs and along the river bank and offer views of uptown NYC an the river.

Hacklebarney State Park along the Black River in Morris County can be a nice relaxing walk along the water and under cover of trees during the summer.

10 07 2010
Melissa Morris

Thanks so much for your suggestions.

Someone else just mentioned Hacklebarney State Park the other day…I will definitely check it out!


10 07 2010

I think I am very much spoiled living close to the beaches. NJ has some of the greatest boardwalks that can be found in the country. And I am not talking about the touristy Point Pleasant or Seaside. While these places are great places to spend time, they are not my idea of a reflective walk.

I enjoy walking the Long Branch boardwalk from time to time. Shockingly the best times to walk these boardwalks are on brisk fall or spring days, not your normal 90 degree day. Also during noreaster season it is a good time to go see nature’s awesome power. Overall, I find that the boardwalk can be a place you can collect your thoughts, or just take in the nice surroundings.


11 07 2010
Melissa Morris

Hi Tim,
Thanks so much for commenting here!

There is definitely something peaceful about being close to the beach – especially when you’re away from the “tourists” and well beyond the summer months.


29 08 2010
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22 04 2012

I live in northern Passaic county new Jersey. Its funny most people I talk to whom live in southern states, or just are not familiar with, new Jersey, or plainly have no idea how beautiful this state really is, and only know it for its industrial side, but visit places like Vernon, Ringwood, even some of the hiking trails in Wanaque, that cut into the Appalachian trial.

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