Spotted & Marbled Salamanders of NJ: Check em’ Out!

8 07 2010

Hey guys, how are you enjoying your summer so far? I am loving it. Anyway, this is my first post for this site and I’m looking forward to getting into the groove of posting some pictures and videos of places and creatures that we come across as we go out on our hiking trips. I have always been an amphibian nerd so I am happy to show you two different types of salamanders that we came across over here in the woods of North Jersey. Both are somewhat similar in appearance and how they live their lives aside from the patterns on their backs. These guys spend a lot of their time near a pond where they lay their eggs and underground where it’s cool and moist. They are really mild-mannered creatures who come out at night to hunt for food and they usually aren’t that easy to find.

I found the spotted salamander under a big rock by a pond and my brother Jordan found the marbled salamander underneath some dirt and leaves in the shade on the side of a small mountain which was also near a pond. These really are some beautiful creatures and I wanted to show them to you fellow NJ hikers so you can see who is living in the woods near the trails that you hike on! I will be posting some more pics and video soon of cliff jumping as well as anything cool that I can find down by the beaches in the Belmar/Spring Lake area so come back soon! Thanks for reading!

Spotted Salamander, found by Duck Pond in the Swartswood Lake area of North Jersey
Spotted Salamander, found by Duck Pond in the Swartswood Lake area of North Jersey

Marbled Salamander, found by Wildcat Mountain off Green Pond Road in North Jersey. Look at this thing! I put him in a tank for my son and we are planning to eventually let him go back in the wild, but for now he’s living underneath the substrate in my son’s amphibian tank.




3 responses

8 07 2010
Melissa Morris

I’ll have to keep an eye out for these little guys the next time I go out for a hike.



9 07 2010

no prob! thanks for reading!

13 04 2015
Kathleen Conte


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