Into the sun

25 06 2010

Black Duck (DeKorte Park, NJ Meadowlands)

There are a number of unspoken rules in photography, and it’s usually a wise move to follow them, especially for novice photographers.  Like everything else in life, though, there are always exceptions!  Rule of three?  I’ve seen many instances where shifting the composition even further to the side or to the center of the frame is a better option.  You’re also supposed to keep the sun at your back – never shoot into it, right?  Wrong.

Blue-Gray Tanager (Canopy Tower, Panama)

The sun can create some incredible dynamics with the light in your photograph.  During the day be careful not to saturate the lighter colors (especially white).  Dawn and dusk are the perfect times to experiment with the sun – reflections and colors on the surface of water can be spectacular with a rising sun, and silhouettes of trees, birds, or people can add a little bit of imagination and intrigue to a photograph.




One response

5 07 2010
Melissa Morris

These are beautiful! They tell such great stories.


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